Porsche Cayenne 2018 Review

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The Porsche Cayenne 2018 offers outstanding style and technology both inside and out. See interior & exterior photos. Porsche Cayenne 2018 New features complemented by a lower starting price and streamlined packages. The mid-size Porsche Cayenne 2018 offers a complete lineup with a wide variety of finishes and features, two conventional engines.

Well, here we are, talking about the Turbo S E-Hybrid badge that recently made its debut on the second-gen Panamera being on its way to the Porsche Cayenne 2018.

Porsche Cayenne 2018 Overview and Price

Back at the Geneva Motor Show, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told Australia’s Motoring that the Cayenne will follow the Panamera down the hybrid range-topper route, which involves a mix between a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 and an electric motor.

The head honcho didn’t include the exact output in his chat, but, with the Panamera S E-Hybrid delivering 680 hp, it’s obvious that the German automaker has serious chances of bringing the title of the world’s fastest SUV(let’s not get into the fastest/quickest analysis) to the third-generation Cayenne’s trophy cabinet.

Let’s keep in mind that the W12-animated Bentley Bentayga, which is on its way of receiving an even more muscular Speed version, as well as the upcoming Lamborghini Urus and the 3.3s Tesla Model X (0-60 mph time) are also aiming for the velocity accolade.

Porsche Cayenne 2018 Specs and REview

Of course, the uber-SUV isn’t expected to debut until next year, while the “standard” versions of the new Cayenne are set to land by the end of the year, coming as 2018 models.

Regardless of its powertrain, the MLB Evo platform of the newcomer means the Porsche Cayenne 2018 will be significnatly lighter and stiffer. As far as coziness is concerned, we’ll remind you that Porsche boosted the comfort level of the current Cayenne with the mid-cycle facelift with the help of small steps such as softer seats. Well, the third generation of the SUV will bring a serious boost in this area, along with the obvious handling benefits introduced by the new platform.

The piece of footage below allows you to see the Porsche Cayenne 2018 prototypes doing their thing in the snow. And yes, a hybrid configuration does seem to be present, at least if we judge by the right-hand “fuel door” – the Cayenne’s actual fuel door actually sits on the left, with the S E-Hybrid packing a charging port on the right.

As with the Panamera, the new Cayenne will offer two gas-electric plug-in models, with the E-Hybrid catering to the needs of those who favor efficiency over performance.

20 Photos of the Porsche Cayenne 2018 Review

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